Thursday, 16 June 2016

Polythene Pam Gets A Makeover.

Great Tidings from the west.
Pete Martin who  is now the proud owner of Polythene Pam my old canoe, has been out on the Gloucester - Sharpness Canal. Pam has a bright new coat of paint, including a rather smart boot top and some lustrous varnish and is looking great. Its just as well Pete didn't try to match the old paint as it was a concoction of tints knocked up from the dregs of tins I had lying around at the time. Probably why he changed it. I'm guessing Pete got a new drone for his birthday. Some excellent film work which puts mine to shame. 

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Alden Smith said...

Excellent video - such HD! giving a great view of the surrounding country side. I should get myself one of those!