Thursday, 30 June 2016

MAD Dogs and Big Red Cats.

Congratulations to MAD Dog Racing this years's winners of the Race 2 Alaska. 
They did it in 3 days 20 hours and 13 minutes. 

Here's How. 

Its pretty obvious that given the right conditions the big boats are going to trounce everything else.
 Skiff Foundation/Jungle Kitty are running second and look set to win the Steak Knives in a huge carbon mono. 

But for me its the little guys, mainly single handed who are the real heroes.
Sadly the guy on the SUP Karl Kruger has had to retire. 
Something about having to do most of the paddling on one side. 

Also Mark Dussell  aka Team Gold Rush who was still building his 18'
 Custom Tri hours before the start and finally had to retire due to "Hull Issues". 

Still, Colin of Angus Rowboats is still going strong.
Having survived the infamous Semour Narrows he has ducked
 behind one of the Islands for a well earned rest. 

Here, courtesy of R2AK is some more  footage of the big guys. 
Stunning Stuff. 

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doryman said...

I suppose anything worth doing is worth overdoing. This is a home town event for me, but after only two years, I can't get behind it.
Now we know it can be done practically over-night, so where is the challenge? It's not about seamanship, but technology.
I'm happy to see Colin doing well. His effort last year was so tragically aborted. He's a very personable guy, with ambitions we can all share. And his boats don't cost so much that he can't sponsor himself. My kind of guy.