Saturday 6 September 2014

Everhopeful Sails Westwards

Cobnor week isn't complete without a sail on the good ship Everhopeful.
This year was no exception and I was happy to sign-on as second mate. 
The command structure can be a bit vague on Everhopeful, Wayne we know is the owner, and Marcus is generally but not always on the helm, but who the skipper is I'm not quite sure. 
This can make decision making problematic but is great when it comes to laying the blame. 

Now converted to a Schooner rig Everhopeful can now sail much better to windward, she sails best in a bit of a blow where she can heel and get her chine down to grip the water,  but it is generally agreed that she would sail much better still if she had a decent rudder. Wayne has promised her one, but until then..................

So it was that as we passed East Head things started to go a little wrong. The wind which was slackening was from the west, and the tide might just have turned against us, so there we were doing classic figures of eight. A motor cruiser had dried out on the sandbanks and as we tacked back and forwards we seemed to go and visit them every time we were on port tack. 
I'm afraid I might just have assumed command at that point, bit of a Fletcher Christian moment I'm afraid, couldn't help myself. Sorry Guys.

We did eventually manage to stem the wind and tide and make it into Emsworth Channel. That's the point in the video where we are met by Patrick in his Welsford Houdini. 
We made it to Emsworth on a broad reach and rewarded ourselves with a slap up feast at the Courtyard Cafe. Welsh Rarebit with Double Poached eggs on top. Yum. 

When we got back to the pontoon we'd been joined by Al in his Paradox and Patrick in the Houdini. 
There was also this bloke in one of those RS speed machine things who managed to capsize on the pontoon. I know we could all have done it but honestly! Unfortunately I didn't get it on film. 

So we sailed in company back up the Channel. The guy in the RS who had recovered his composure by now, was shadowing us but couldn't quite believe he couldn't catch us. 
Downwind sailing in Luggers my friend, hard to beat. We left him astern. 

The wind died to a whisper as we crept across the shallows, then we saw the unmistakable high peaked Lugsail of Polly Wee, making speed towards us. The wind filled in behind us and there was a fantastic run home. 

Sublime, Enjoy. 


Bursledon Blogger said...

Ah the mystery schooner we spotted near dell quay, what is the design?



Graham Neil said...

Hi Max.
She's a Conrad Natzio Oystercatcher.
She's really distinctive with that rig, she can be spotted miles away.