Tuesday 17 September 2013

Through The Eye of a Needle.

This is the Needle's Eye Cafe. 

It has been one of our favourite haunts for almost 20 years. 

It is very down to earth and does great Egg and Chips.

" Two egg and chips please". 
"So that's double egg and chips."
"No that's double egg and chips twice, please" 
"Double egg and chips, for two people please"

Its situated on the shore at Milford on Sea, at the western end of The Solent. 
A New Build, for sale just behind it is on the market for £1.4 million.

This is the view from the lounge 

This is the view, from the cafe on a very hazy day. 

The good looking girl in front is the unsung heroine of Port-Na-Storm, aka The Tooth Fairy who is currently recovering from her second knee replacement.
She's doing brilliantly and will soon be walking the legs off me again.  


Curt said...

Very good to hear you both are enjoying the late summer by the shore. Hoping the "Tooth Fairy" has a quick recovery.

Bursledon Blogger said...

on the Saturday morning breakfast list