Saturday, 21 September 2013

Pam Paddles On

Great news from Paradox Pete. He's been out adventuring with Adrian G in their canoes. 
Its really good to see Polythene Pam getting used, and in such super countryside. 

In Pete's own words,

"Adrian and myself managed to squeeze in another impromtu hbbr meeting on Wednesday. 
After a grey start it turned out to be a fine and pleasant day.
Once again there was Lekker Ding and PP forging our way between 2 fine pubs!
The 12 mile round trip was between The Fromebridge Inn (on R Frome) and The George Inn (on R Cam) via River Frome, Stroudwater canal, Gloucester Sharpness canal, River Cam and a sneak along Wicksters Brook. The Timothy Taylor's Landlord at The George,  and Darkstar, American Pale Ale at Fromebridge were both excellent!
The rivers Cam and Frome were absolutely beautiful with a portage of about 20 metres between the Frome and the Stroudwater canal  leading to a nose rubbing low bridge... Not for the squeamish. 

We didn't go too far up Wicksters brook because I didn't fancy back paddling for too long to get out again.
As it was I needed a 27 point turn with PP's stern and stem both stuck in the reeds on the river bank." 

Here's some video Pete took of their trip. 


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