Monday, 3 October 2011

Rear of the Year

Here's a quick run round the rest of the boat show with a few of the other boats which took my fancy. 

I've been an admirer of Francois Vivier's boats for quite a while now. His boats are all very traditional in design, obviously drawing on French heritage, and he seems to have a superb eye for a sheer. 

I've had one of his boats on my future build short list for  a year or two, but which one?  
  At first I was drawn to the Beg-Meil with it's side decks and bowsprit, very classic, but then the more work like Ilur, which is the same hull with a lug rig, or the Aber, which is a little bit smaller but very pretty. 

Francois has recently extended his 8 and 10 foot tender Morbic up to 12 foot, and it was really good to see it for real, somehow it looks much more attractive in real life.
Decisions Decisions!

 This one was built by Adrian Donovan

Will Stirling who trades as 

Stirling and Son

brought along a couple of his smaller boats. 

This gorgeous 14ft Clinker Dinghy really is a stunner, and shows how it should be done.

Its good to see she has a beautifully finished traditional Lug Sail rig. 

This 12ft Rowing Boat is also a bit of a stunner. 

Will builds a range of boats from little tenders right up to his Smuggling Lugger Alert

He very enterprisingly brought along sets of plans for the public to purchase, presumably as much for their aesthetic appeal as anything.

And Finally!
But by no means least .

I give you........

Eve, all the way down from the Northern Isles of Scotland is an Orkney Yole built by
Ian Richardson of Stromness.

Now the weather up there can be a bit extreme, so their boats have to be robustly built, which this one certainly is, but they also have to be capable of handling the conditions. 

Just look at these lines, look at the curve of the sheer, 

Look at those firm bilges and that deep keel. 

The deep protected cockpit .

But oh! Dear Reader, feast your gaze on Ian's speciality,  

The eliptic stern. 

Now , how do you go about doing that in clinker ply? 

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JohnJ said...

I am a lover of traditional boats, particularly sailing boats and the clinker construction incorporated into the counter on this boat is absolutely beautiful. I have never seen this done this way before and I am now surprised it hasn't been used more often as it really is simply beautiful. This same boat would have appeal but built in clinker, it has so much more appeal. Thank you for posting the photo.
John, from Australia.