Wednesday, 28 September 2011


I promised to show you some of the nicer boats and friendlier people at the Boat Show.

Out on the pontoons, amongst all the white plastic, nestled into a corner, sat Morwenna. 

She is a Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter. 

Morwenna is run as a Charter business mainly around the south coast, so of course the guys were drumming up interest, hoping for business but they did it in such a friendly and open way it seemed rude not to have a look round. 

As you can see here, although the boat is traditionally built and rigged she has all the modern conveniences. 

Down below there is plenty of room with the paid crew in the stern and the paying crew up forward in their cosy bunks.

"Guests" are expected to get involved in sailing her, supervised by Skipper Stewart.  It must be very confusing at first getting used to all those ropes.  I thought my little Gaff Rigged Coot had too many lines on her, look at this lot!

So the mainsail throat halyard will be the buff coloured one, no not that buff one, that buff one! 

I know at least one HBBR member who would just love it, eh Wayne? 

You can find out more about Morwenna on their site

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robert.ditterich said...

Beautiful post thanks Graham