Monday, 22 August 2011

Dell Quay no Dories.

The Coot with a couple of Mirror chums moored off Pilsey Island in Chichester Harbour.

I'm just back from the DCA week at Cobnor in Chichester Harbour. 

A superb week of sailing, camping, and talking about boats way into the night around the campfire.

The weather was a bit variable as usual but we got out most days

sometimes it was a bit too calm 

Sometimes it was a little too windy, 
but when the wind and the tides were in our favour there was always the possibility of a visit to the pub.

There is something very cool and just a little superior about arriving at a tourist filled pub by boat. 

But pride comes before a fall as they say, so it was inevitable that I would sail off that lee shore with my mainsheet wrapped around my tiller resulting in an argument with someone's mooring buoy before I got myself sorted.

Don't think anyone noticed.  


doryman said...

The tourists thought you meant to do that and applauded your skill in hitting the buoy so accurately. (it's all in how you tell the story).

Port-Na-Storm said...

Thankfully the mooring buoy was on the wrong side of a motor boat for the tourists to see. It was of course in full view of the Sailing Club...........