Sunday, 31 July 2011

Meanwhile Over on the Sports Channel.

My good friend and HBBR co-conspirator Chris Partridge has posted a video of Katie's first outing on his Blog.  
There was a rumour that footage had been shot but it seemed to disappear like the original Director's Cut of the Wicker Man. 

However it seems Chris was having trouble with the You-Tube gremlins and has finally managed to up-load it.  

If you listen carefully over the din of the tiny outboard pushing the fairly hefty ferry-boat in the background you can hear me announce to the assembled crowd that I was probably about to go A*se over T*T. 

I didn't and I apologise for my language. 

There also exists footage of yours truly demonstrating his Scottish Country Dancing steps, taken the next day in a pub garden in Tewkesbury. I hope that stays buried. 


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doryman said...

Good to hear you stayed in the boat. What we could hear was CeeDubs pontificating on how well his design sits on her waterline. Gotta admit, you two did a good job.