Friday, 22 January 2010


Its now about three weeks into the new year and I honestly can't understand where the time has gone.  I must admit to doing a fair amount of faffing around and the weather hasn't exactly been brilliant.  However at least some progress has been made on the boat.

Thanks in no small way to the handy Spiling Tool  I made earlier I have managed to measure and cut the floors. The other tool which has been an absolute boon in doing this is my  Band Saw. Its absolutely brilliant for this type of work and would have taken ages without it.

As usual my work is slightly less than accurate, so there are plenty of gaps but that's why epoxy was invented. None of this is glued up yet. The weather has been far too cold for one thing and I wanted to make sure I was happy with everything first.  Like making sure a plank would lie nicely along the floors.  All the floors need finishing off and sanding before glueing but at least some progress has been made.

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