Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Thames Raid Day 5 - Beale Park

Photo courtesy of Chris Perkins

The final morning dawned. For once there had been a "Planning Meeting" the night before. We were supposed to arrive at Beale Park with some fanfare, and Kathy was supposed to be taking photo's for posterity and/or Watercraft so an ETA had been arranged for 10.00, however from experience we decided this was a bit too early as we all needed to get there at the same time, the ETA was revised to 11.00

It was agreed that Wayne should lead the charge. He had manfully and cheerfully rowed Everhopeful all the way and was definitely man of the match.

And so it was a happy band who set off on the last leg...........

Photo Courtesy of Chris Perkins

Tim O'Conner our native guide who had done the recce and coerced the lock keepers tucks into a cracker and squeezy cheese, Mmmmmm

Phil Oxborrow, and Gem the Wonder Dog in his prospector canoe
keeping Wayne company over the last few miles.

Tony Waller, finally off the phone to the plumber stretches out

Richard Rooth the man who sharpened Ray Mear's knives
glides along using those rear-view mirrors.

Chris Waite in Octavia keeping to the back for a change.

The ever smiling PaulH in the Ever- Ready Millibee.

Dave and his faithful and un-complaining friend Mary-Dog doing what they do best.

Photo Courtesy of Chris Perkins
Can I get off yet?

Cheeze ! Chris Partridge in Nessy his home-from-home for the week.
Just Don't take the Pith out of his hat.

Me, still plodding along behind in Polythene Pam.
Are we nearly there yet?

Chris Adney and Dave chatting to Phil Ox.
Bit of an end of term party spirit going on there chaps.

Almost There!
Devon Belle taking trippers from Beale Park comes out to greet us.

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And Finally! Wayne leads the fleet through the entrance to Beale Park. Having bravely and cheerfully brought up the rear all week in the rather reluctant Everhopeful. Wayne was shoved to the front to lead the procession into the lake.

Part of the deal with Pete Greenfield of WaterCraft was to enter our boats in the Amature Boat Building Competition, in exchange for free entry and camping.
No sooner had Chris IV got Octavia out of the water but he was surrounded by interested people. Other HBBR minions stand around in awe.

And so it came to pass that Polythene Pam took her place in the competition at Beale Park.
Never a contender, but her proud owner was happy to stand by her after such a brilliant week.

Excellent company, brilliant weather and fantastic scenery.


Baddaddy said...

Isn't that Chris Partridge in Nessy?

Graham A Neil said...

It is indeed Chris, known as Chris P(S)i.e.South, as opposed to Chris Perkins who is Chris P (N) as he lives in Ullapool. On the trip we also had Chris Waite, and Chris Adney.

Baddaddy said...

I once shared an office with seven men called Chris. One fine day I was away from my desk for a moment and my good friend Chris rang. A chap called Chris picked it up and asked another guy called Chris where I was. Oh, he's with Chris...

And so it went, and it was enough to make one blink. I don't always appreciate my parents' decision that they should choose my name by sticking a pin in the Radio Times (they came up with Gavin Maxwell) but sometimes it can be helpful!