Thursday, 24 December 2009

Pam Paddles past Palace in New Year's Message.

Photo courtesy of Max at Bursledon Blog

Back in early November the HBBR took a jaunt up the Hamble.
We rowed and paddled past a multitude of Yachts and Motor cruisers all tied up for the winter and probably most of the summer for that matter.

Coming past that great Gin Palace I did wonder how often its' owner actually gets to use her.
I just cannot comprehend having so much money that I could afford such a toy.
Polythene Pam cost next to nothing but the fun and enjoyment she has given me this year could never be valued.

Maybe its a reminder that wealth is only relative.

May you and yours have a happy and indeed prosperous New Year.

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Bursledon Blogger said...


Small and simple is beautiful, if I get any time this year I'm thinking of building a kayak.

Have a great 2010