Saturday, 3 November 2007

Up the Creek paddle and all

While I've been worrying myself senseless about what boat to build next, as if it was the most important thing in the world, others have been getting on with their lives. The HBBR were having a gathering on the upper reaches of the Hamble and rather than tow his 14ft Mini Cruiser Millibee all the way from Gloucester, Paul Hadley decided to build a smaller boat and bring it instead. So here he is in Canoodle a Paul Fisher "Little Kate" design which he built in less than two weeks! That's less time than it takes me to decide which socks i'm wearing.

The day dawned blustery and wet. More sensible men would have stayed in bed but Paul and others decided to brave the elements and head on down to Swanwick.

Here are the committee trying to think up excuses not to go sailing as Chris rows off in the background, game to at least give it a try. He bravely hoisted his sails and did a couple of tacks before running for home, well the pub actually, where Paul christened Canoodle.

There was so much rain we couldn't tell whether Canoodle had a leak or was just filling up with rainwater. Congratulations to Paul and a big lesson to me about vacillation.
I've just heard some bad news. The girl who was our bridesmaid has just lost her husband to a heart-attack at the age of 49. A harsh reminder to us all, if you've got a boat to build, or anything else to do, now is the time.

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