Thursday, 15 November 2007

Sopwith Camel

One of the committee said he wanted something with the up and at'em, ready for anything stance of a Sopwith Camel, and with its high stem sweeping down and back to the raked stern I think the latest modifications are starting to get there. I've pushed the centre of buoyancy back to approx where my bum is likely to be, raised the freeboard a bit to stop me getting to wet and I'll also have small side decks and a coaming which will also help. The stem is much raised which should also keep me dry while providing plenty of reserve buoyancy, bury for the mast and some useful storage space. I'm thinking the first strake needs to be a bit firmer to provide a wee bit more stability. I'll add a small skeg to help with tracking as this boat needs to be able to row, and put a curve in the forefoot so that she doesn't trip up when coming in to land. Enough for today lets see what the committee think.

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