Thursday, 17 May 2018

Amas for Katie.

Now that the Coot has gone off to her new home I have been browsing through various designs choosing which boat to build next.
 This is a rare luxury and one which shouldn't be spoiled with any undue haste, and of course once I have finally made my decision it will be a wee while before she is launched. 
So in the meantime, and just to keep me busy I've decided to scratch the itch which has been annoying me for quite a while and build the amas for Katie Beardie.     

So it was off to Totton Timber for a couple of sheets of their finest 4mm Birch Ply, and I have to say it feels great to be building again. . 

I'm very happy to say that the the panels stitched together very well straight from the plans, with only a modicum of tweaking. 

Katie and I will be off for our annual Thames Raid at the end of next week so work will stop for a while but I hope to have the new additions ready for Cobnor in August. 

Watch this space.


TomH said...

Very slick,
Where are the ama plans available, please?

Graham Neil said...

Hi Tom,
I will be in touch by e-mail
Regards Graham

Rob Blackburn said...

Ama's are a sign of moral decay IMHO. Would Jack Aubery or Barrett Bonden fit such grass combing devices to a vessel? Echoes of the Polychrest.
Your man in the Colonies.