Thursday, 16 March 2017

Ding a Ling

This sort of thing gives cycling a bad name and is a terrible influence on young people.
She's not even wearing a helmet.

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doryman said...

Gotta love those Raleighs. When I was a kid, my dad rode a Raleigh ten speed to work. In my sixteenth year, he allowed me to lace his ten speed gear hub onto my JC Higgens, which was a very heavy one-speed bike with huge tires and a spring attached from the stem to the front hub. Possibly the first mountain bike and certainly the first with a front shock-absorber. This was in '68. It was an experiment, with no brakes because the designed brakes were in the original hub. But the shifter worked a treat. I had to replace the gears back onto the Raleigh, so the mountain bike went back to being a one speed.