Wednesday, 28 August 2013

High Tide and Green Grass.

By way of diversion I took one of the Ancient & Vulnerable  Kayaks with me to Cobnor. I wanted to try out a couple of routes as possible day paddles for the Club. 

I also wanted to check out Bosham as a place for putting in so I had a little trip up there on Saturday afternoon. It was a bit overcast hence the gloom. The photos were taken on my bat phone which seemed to get a film of seaweed slime over it so apologies for the quality. 

We were on Spring Tides and as the water rises much of what is grass and tarmac most of the time is slowly submerged which can make for an interesting trip. 

Bosham Hard 3 hours before HW, a good launching place. But not so good for parking.

The Church from the north,  Norman, one of the oldest in England.  

The sailing club on the Quay. Posh. 

In summer the bells ring out across the marshes calling the faithful to the Ice Cream Van. Told you not to park there. 

Ah must be Beer O'clock.  

Handy for the pub, but no parking on the double yellows.

Whazzit Say?

Oh Right.

Well, looks like the end of the road. 


Bursledon Blogger said...

You can launch boats and then park safely in the car park but it's a but lumpy £5 a day I think same again for a trailer

Chris Partridge said...

There is a hard on the south side of the inlet opposite the High Street where you can launch and park free (but don't tell anyone - it's for us locals ONLY)
Wayne and I sailed up to the ice cream van on the Monday. He gets his video camera out every time he sees a car flooded by the tide - it's hilarious -

Graham Neil said...

Brilliant! well worth watching.

I'll speak to you later regarding the secret launching site.