Monday 22 April 2013

Katie Gets Full Colour Spread.

Katie Beardie finally made her debut in The Press today.
Almost a year ago, at the 2012 Beale Park Boat Show, Pete Greenfield illustrious editor of Water Craft magazine asked when he'd get an article about Katie who was sunning herself a few feet away in the Amateur Boat Building Competition.  Probably like most men of letters Pete is a man of few spoken words. He just throws in the odd challenge or comment now and again and waits to see what happens. 

I have made a couple of contributions to Water Craft in the past, a couple of rally reports, a product review or two and an expose of the Coot's fit out, and I have to say it does my ego no end of good to see my name in print.  This time I have to confess that at least half the words and most of the inspiration came from my good friend Cee Dubbs. There we are in the picture above trying to find the lost inch, or was it the extra mile?  I'm the one sucking his pencil.

The article was an attempt to convey the discussion we two had on the HBBR Forum over her original conception as a design. Sadly most of the best jokes were edited out as it was felt our foreign cousins might not understand the references to popular culture outside the UK.  I hope it still remains a tale worth telling.   

You can of course read the full story by purchasing the latest edition of this great magazine. Available at all good news-stands or at


Denis said...

Looking forward to my copy arriving soon, congratulations on your craft being featured. Hope the season allows many happy hours of sailing.

robert.ditterich said...

I look forward to seeing this. Well done indeed, and how wonderful to have such a beautiful magazine devoted to boats of the type we can afford.

Chris Partridge said...

Picture credit for me! Yay!