Saturday, 27 October 2012

Down the Plughole.

Port-na-storm HQ has been a hive of activity over the last few weeks but sadly none of it has been about boats or boating. The truth is we're fitting a new bathroom, the coral pink suite has been smashed into the skip and the luxurious corner bath in GRP  has been carved into pieces with a wave of the angle grinder.  This edifice of pink and chrome was a triumph of form over function being possibly the most uncomfortable bath ever made. It'll be a few weeks before its all over, so in the meantime please bear with if the transmissions are a bit irregular. 

We had a holiday in Greece a few weeks ago, so meantime here are some photos of the local life to keep you amused. 

I thought a refugee ship from North Africa had landed at the quay-side but it turns out they were just trippers. 

 Some of the local inshore fishing fleet,

This year's award for the ugliest boat on the Island goes to ........

I would have taken this one home. I love these little Greek fishing boats, they are very shapely, and very seaworthy.
 This one had been dumped in front of a Hotel to provide some local "character".
 I doubt if that engine will ever go again. 


Tourist boats of every description. 

The deep sea fishing fleet 

Our Hotel is up there somewhere. 

   Pass the Ouzo. 


Curt said...

Great pics from Greece. Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

Curt of Thin Water Annie

Rik said...

Thank you very much for these pics and the other posts. I haven't seen so many beautiful wooden homebuilt boats together in one spot yet. Great work.