Thursday, 26 July 2012

Messing About On The River Part 4

And so onward-ever-onward towards Wallingford and the warm welcome provided by Chris Partridges cousins who happily let us camp on their lawn and provided a superb BBQ which we  ate in their lounge, as the buns were getting soggy outside.  

Well the day started dry, it must have been bright because after travelling about a hundred yards down stream I noticed I didn't have my sunnies. So I did the sensible thing and phoned back to Paul H asking him to look out for them. It was later I realised I left them in the pub the night before. I wasn't going to need them.

Katie Beardie is featured early on in this one, sorry I didn't smile for the camera, but that's why people call me Grum. 


doryman said...

That Katie gets up and moves, doesn't she? Cee Dubs is a genius.

Port-Na-Storm said...

Well yes he is a genius, but don't tell him I said so.