Thursday, 9 June 2011

Bunking Off

This weekend is Beale Park Boat Show.

The Coot is entered into the WaterCraft Amateur Boat Building Awards. If only to ensure free entry to the show for the three days.

HBBR are having an "Advice Tent", should be a laugh if nothing else, and somewhere to shelter from the rain!

On Sunday we are leaving on Thames Raid II
 a five day trip down the river, finishing at Marlow on Friday.

All round the country last minute preparations are being made, including some boats which aren't actually finished yet.

Originally I was planning to take Katie Beardie, but I gave up all hope of getting her finished in time a few weeks ago so she is sulking in the garage while Coot is looking forwards to her holidays.

I should be back in about ten days with tales of adventure. Until then here's some entertainment. 

When I'm out travelling the highways and byways of rural England how come I never come across a pair of lovelies like these who seem to travel prepared for any eventuality. 

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