Monday, 7 June 2010

I name this ship

Well we made it to Greece and home again, and no sooner had we landed than i was burning the midnight oil trying to get ready for the HBBR meeting at Barton Turf.
The list of jobs was endless and as usual when time is against you, everything that could go wrong did go wrong.
However Coot was lifted onto her trailer on the Thurday night and after a last minute dash to the chandlers for more bits, and to Sainsburys for food, with Polythene Pam strapped to the roof and Coot hitched up behind I finally left home at 18.00 Friday evening for the long haul over to Norfolk.

I used to get nervous going round the M25 with Polythene Pam on the roof, now I take it for granted but towing an old second- hand trailer such a long way can be a nailbiteing experience, you listen to every rattle and rumble, and there were quite a few of those.
I eventually arrived at about 23.45 and pitched the tent in the dark. I wasn't last though as Gavin Atkin and Peter Nobes both slipped in after me. 

The weather on Saturday was grim to say the least but we got a dry spell long enough to get Coot on the water.    With almost no ceremony she was shoved off her trailer and I took her for a row down the cut using a pair of oars borrowed from Ratcatcher John.


I didn't have time to get the sail rig finished, I have nearly all the bits and its just a matter now of getting it all together.
  Should be ready for Cobnor in August then!

I'm pleased to say that she handled well and the owner is well chuffed!
Thanks to Chris Perkins for taking the photos.

You can see more Photo's of the HBBR meeting at Barton Broad here

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Richard said...

You should be well "chuffed". I am learning English all over again. I have enjoyed your "Coot".
Congratulations on a yar boat.