Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Step We Gaily

Step we gaily on we go,
heel for heel and toe for toe.
Arm in arm and row on row,
all for Mairie's Wedding .

A foot-note to the Partner Thwart, I bought that big drill today and drilled the mast hole.
So now it looks like this. I'm also fully equipped to fit downlighters should the need arise.

The mast step is an interesting shape, well it is the way i've done it, kind of like a manta ray.
    Its got a nice rolling bevel to fit along the planks. 
Of course its upside down here.

I made a cardboard half template, of the upper - larger surface by sitting the card on some spacer blocks and then bevelled the edge to fit the planks. Once again slowly does it and keep that plane as sharp as possible.   
I was concentrating so hard I forgot to take any pictures.

Here it is snug in its position.

 A bit of a balalaika thing going on.

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