Friday, 26 September 2008

Kit-N-Caboodle @ Port-Na-Storm

Guess what arrived today! I've been like a kid on Christmas eve all day. Alex phoned on Wednesday to say the kit had been dispatched and would be here on Friday so i dutifully took the day off. I cleared out the garage, (anybody want to buy a tandem?) and dragged the old building frame out from down the side of the house. This has been out in all weathers since I launched Caitlin but it is tannalised, so apart from a few dead spiders its not too bad. It had warped a wee bit though so its taken a bit of fiddleing to get it straight (ish).
The Kit looks great just like an enormous balsa wood kit from childhood. And just like childhood I had this really strong urge to start gluing bits together without looking at plans or instructions, usually with disasterous results. Alex' paperwork hasn't arrived yet so next week should see the start of scarfing up the planks but in the meantime Port-na-storm has never looked so tidy.

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Strathkanchris said...

Glad to see progress at last - It's been gestating long enough - look forward to seeing the outcome of your winters labour at Barton next May. Go for it laddie.