Monday, 1 October 2007


In a few weeks I'm planning to start my next build. The jury is still out regarding which design i'll choose. In the meantime I'll post some info on my current boat Caitlin. She is an Iain Oughtred Whilly Tern 15ft 3in loa. She took about two years to build and was launched in 2005.


Leonard Seastone said...

I found your blog as I am researching Iain Oughtred designs and I'm considering the Whilly Tern as my sailboat project.

Ironically, I am coming to England at the beginning of November and will be staying near Lyme Regis for several days with hopes of visiting the Boat School while there.

Any tips for my journey?

Leonard Seastone

Graham A Neil said...

Hi Leonard, as you will see from other posts here I spent a week at Lyme Regis before i built the Whilly Tern, it was a very good course and interesting to see the other full time students at work. Its worth a visit to the Axminster tool shop if you are needing any tools its like an Aladdin's Cave. Regards Graham