Monday, 31 December 2012

Heel Ya Ho Boys.

Happy New Year. 

Blogging can sometimes seem like shouting down a long empty tunnel in the hope that there is an echo. 
Sometimes you get a comment or a mention on someone else's blog, and then it's all worth while. 

So to all you folks out there, whether you are regular readers or  just happened to get lucky on the Google roulette wheel of life,

 I hope you have a great 2013. 

And here's a little treat for you. Following our tradition of music with a Scottish flavour and the odd boat thrown in for good measure, here's

 Richard Thompson
The Mingulay Boat Song

best played very loud. 


doryman said...

By now it's tomorrow for you, but I raise my glass, none-the-less.
Here's to you, mate! Happy 2013.

Ewan said...

And a Happy New Year from me too, from one old blogger to another. It's a funny wee song, written years after the islanders left and refers to pierheads that they never had, as it was far too dangerous to have a proper harbour. My guess is the islanders would have hauled their boats clear of the water and filled them with stones to stop them blowing away. Maybe the wives were waiting to help pull them up. Children were roped together to be walked to school on windy days too, so life on Mingulay must have been real fun. I'll maybe write about it this year on scottishboating.