Friday, 5 October 2007


There had been a long wait before i could start building anything. We had moved house in 1995 and the new double garage was just right for a boat building project. However my trusty old Wolseley decided to fall apart just then, so it was pushed into the boatshed and there it stayed for the next seven years. I may build another boat but I'll never restore another car. Still this gave me plenty of time to think about what boat to build. In fact it had taken so long that I wasn't really sure if i still had this boat malarky in me so i hatched a plan. The long school holidays were coming up and I thought is would be good to involve my daughter in building something quick and easy which we could launch by the end of the hols. So we built a stitch n tape Selway Fisher canoe. I say we, Chloe did take part but be warned kids have a short attention span, she does however still regard the canoe as hers and that she built it, so the seeds are sown. She also now believes that its possible to fix or make anything in dad's garage. For me it confirmed that i wanted to boatbuild and that i wanted to do it properly.

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